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Here’s what’s in it for you

With Blade Buddy, every shave is smoother and more comfortable,
regardless of the razor you use, and your skin is protected from
irritation caused by dull blades.

  • Keeps your blades sharper, longer, saving you money and reducing waste.
  • Protects your skin against redness and irritation, ingrown hair, nicks and cuts.
  • Works with all men’s and women’s blades, including disposables.
  • Is quick and easy to use.

Here’s how Blade Buddy works

With every shave, razor blades lose their sharpness and gradually wear out. The action of pulling a razor against the skin causes the blade’s cutting edge to curl. Invisible to the naked eye, over time this tip rounding makes shaving less and less comfortable, often resulting in nicks, cuts, razor burn and ingrown hair. Blade Buddy’s patented, grooved silicone surface effectively straightens these microscopic bends back into alignment, so each time you shave your blade is the best that it can be.

See how it works.

Blade Buddy with Ultra Glide Shave Lotion

Blade Buddy
FREE Ultra Glide Shave Lotion

Available in blue, black, aqua and white.

 Free Shipping to USA   Patented in USA  60-Day Guarantee


Blade Buddy
+ M5 Magnum Razor & 2 cartridges
+ FREE Ultra Glide Shave Lotion

Available in blue, black, and aqua.

 Free Shipping to USA  Patented in USA  60-Day Guarantee

Every time Gillette comes out with a new razor or blade cartridge, I end up buying it. I keep looking for the perfect shave experience that they advertise. Well, I've finally gotten that great experience and it started when I began using the Blade Buddy. Others may focus their praise on the extended use they get from their blades, but for me this is just secondary. From the first time I used Blade Buddy (with a new razor cartridge as recommended) I noticed a smoother, cleaner shave. In almost 2 months of use, my experience is still the same. I'm now getting the shave that Gillette for years promised I would.

J. Jaffa

I love Blade Buddy! I’ve had a shaved head for about 15 years and I went through about 1 razor per week. With Blade Buddy, I’ve been able to use the same razor for close to 8 weeks now without experiencing any nicks, cuts or discomfort. I have also recommended Blade Buddy to my co-workers and friends. Great product!

Jonathan A.

I went to go see how low I was on blades before shopping the other day & still had 3 in the holder. I had only used 1 blade for the month vs. between 4 & 6... It's great to find things that just simply work & doubly good when they save you money too! Thanks guys!


Would you believe me if I told you I'm still using the exact same razor from December 31, 2013. Well, I am... It is now August 1, 2014. About ready for a new blade, but keep on forgetting to buy one. Thus, I keep on using Blade Buddy and keep on getting good shaves. Crazy. Never thought I could use the same blade this long... (FYI - Mach 3 Gillette is what I shave with.)