Why Blade Buddy?

With Blade Buddy, every shave is smoother and more comfortable, regardless of the razor you use, and your skin is protected from irritation caused by dull blades.

What Is Blade Buddy?

See how Blade Buddy will eliminate nicks, cuts, razor burn and ingrown hair caused by dull razor blades.

Watch Blade Buddy in Action

With Blade Buddy, you can now get a consistently close and comfortable shave, each and every shave, with your favorite blade.

How To Use Blade Buddy

By following 3 easy steps, Blade Buddy will insure a close, comfortable shave, day after day… 

Blade Buddy Featured on QVC

Watch how Blade Buddy is used day after day, keeping your blades sharp and saving you $$ on expensive razor blades you’d otherwise throw away

Blade Buddy on TV

Watch this popular morning show and discover how Blade Buddy works.

Featured on NBC’s The Today Show

Watch how the hosts of NBC’s The Today Show are blown away by Blade Buddy.